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  • IFB has introduced 6 Stage RO Water purifier.

  • Zojirushi Products offered as gift if you purchase Washing Machines & Dishwashers at MRP Price

Welcome to IFB Point

IFB Point (Exclusive IFB showroom for their entire range of products) started  at 31 Kodambakkam High Road,Nungambakkam,Chennai-34.

In IFB Point – Nungambakkam we have all range of Front loading washing machines, Top loading washing machines, Microwave oven, Dishwasher, 100% Dryer & Air Conditioners on display.

At our premises we have live demo of Dishwasher and 100%Cloth Dryer.

Recently IFB Introduced 6 Stage RO Water Purifier into their line of product list.

Every Thursday microwave cooking class is conducted for all interested participants. During the class the art of cooking with the help of microwave is taught by experts. Also during the class the safety and other useful tips are given.

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