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  • IFB has introduced 6 Stage RO Water purifier.

  • Zojirushi Products offered as gift if you purchase Washing Machines & Dishwashers at MRP Price

IFB Point in Chennai | Washing Machines

IFB Point Nungambakkam

IFB Point

Citi Services proudly joined hands with IFB Appliances to start their IFB Point (Exclusive IFB showroom for their entire range of products) at 31 Kodambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai-34.

We have all ranges on display. Front Loading washing machines, Top loading washing machines, Microwave ovens,  Hobs, Chimneys Air Conditioners are on display.  Live demo of Dishwasher and 100% Cloth Dryer.
Every Thursday IFB Point- Nungambakkam conduct microwave  cookery classes  for all interested participants.
Our presence is also on the Facebook @ www.facebook.com/citiservices
Latest updates are posted on the Facebook page. The microwave class photos and their feedback posted after each class.
The Promoter
Mr.R.Karthikeyan, is a dedicated service person with 18 years’ experience in service of computers, laptops, TV, Monitors, Washing Machine, Microwave, Laser Printers and LCD Monitors.
He was one of the Director in Citi Computer Klinik P ltd during the period 1993 to 2007. During that period he had lots of experience servicing of Computers, Laptops, Printers and other Computer accessories.
He takes personal interest in all the projects the company enters into and sees to that the customer is satisfied to the fullest extent.

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